2019 Joint-school Summer English Study Tour to Perth, Australia

From 21st July to 5th August, our school organized a summer English study tour to Perth, Australia for students with four other TWGHs secondary schools. All the students enjoyed the 16-day trip and had a wonderful time there.

The students stayed with local host families and attended English classes at Phoenix Academy. The students were put into different classes according to their language proficiency and they had a chance to meet learners from various countries. They enjoyed learning through presentation and discussion in class.

In the evening, our students stayed with their host families. They enjoyed doing all kinds of things together, such as watching Netflix movies, discussing reality TV programmes, playing board games, enjoying Australian snacks after dinner, and going shopping.

Our students also took part in a number of outings and activities which required cooperation and teamwork such as rock climbing and shelter building. They loved the farm stay at Boshack. They fed horses, touched the rare species and experienced what stargazing in the great outback in Western Australia was like!